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Referral Resource for Genetic Counselors and Providers

When we want to refer our patients to a different genetic specialty it is often challenging to find the correct clinic and contact information. To make this process easier the Arizona Genetic Counselor Contact List was created. The purpose of this document is to act as a resource for healthcare providers looking to refer their patients to genetic counseling services.


Please feel free to download this document and send to your referring providers.


Interested in Creating a New Position? 

Perhaps you have identified a need for a genetic counselor in a certain specialty or region of Arizona and you would like to propose creating a new genetic counseling position. For ideas on how to begin this process, please see the "Value of Genetic Counseling" PowerPoint presentations. Two presentations are now available for cancer genetic counseling and cardiac genetic counseling. Additional presentations and resources are still being created so please check back for additional information.  

PowerPoint presentation for creating a cancer genetic counseling position 


PowerPoint presentation for creating a cardiac genetic counseling position 


According to the NSGC Business Case whitepaper published in 2021, business cases are tools created and used to convince your target audience that the idea/service/product you are pitching is a good investment to solve a problem. Common business case elements include: what is being offered and why, an analysis of the market (including gaps that can be filled), and the financial/resource impact of implementing the idea. Business cases can be used to hire and argue for the utilization of genetic counselors.

The AGA has developed business cases to argue for employment of genetic counselors in several areas of genetics. Please contact Lauren Maynard, MS, CGC at if you would like access to one of these business cases



Job Postings 


Please click here for a list of current job postings for genetic counselors 



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