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Who We Are

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The mission of the Arizona Genetics Alliance is to promote the professional development of genetic counselors who work in the state of Arizona through collaborations and activities within our own community, with other genetics and health care professionals and members of the broader community.

Our Programs

Educational  Events



2024 Annual Education Conference

We have just concluded our 2023 annual conference. Please stay tuned for the 2024 conference, coming Spring 2024!

The Annual Conference will allow all Arizonan genetics professionals to come together for a day of education and networking. Attendees can expect to gain knowledge on topics related to genetic counseling in Arizona. Experts in the field will focus on recent updates in each genetic counseling specialty, as well as practice-related issues. Continuing Educational Units (CEUs) will be available for this event.

Prospective Students

Staff Meeting

Explore the AGA committees and learn how to get involved: 

  • Education Committee

  • Licensure Committee

  • Expansion of Genetic Services Committee

  • Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee

Mentorship Program

Student Studying Outside

The AGA has compiled resources for students interested in attending a Genetic Counseling Training program. These resources include a contact list of genetic counselors in the area who you can speak with, volunteer and shadowing opportunities in the state of Arizona and more valuable information.   

Female Developers

Mentors help guide us through our career and can be an invaluable source of support and information. Mentoring programs can broaden perspectives, enhance knowledge, promote workforce engagement, and act as a valuable networking tool.


The AGA is working towards the development of a statewide mentorship program. If you are a member of the AGA interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee, please contact Lauren Maynard for more information. 

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