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Student Resources

Are you interested in becoming a genetic counselor? Are you looking for experiences to help boost your CV? Do you have questions about the field? See some of the resources available to you below!

Genetic Counseling Field Exposure Opportunities in Arizona

Looking for shadowing opportunities and/or informational interviews? Please contact: to get connected with our student liaison who will help point you in the right direction.

NEW: The GC Immersive at Color (remote experience). See flyer HERE for information on how to apply.

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Genetic Counseling Assistant (GCA) Jobs

GCA positions are a great way to gain experience in the field. These are typically paid, full-time positions. GCAs will typically help with chart prep, reminder calls, participation in projects/research, and other administrative tasks to help the genetics clinic run smoothly.

Clinical GCA Jobs

These sites currently offer GCA positions. Most positions become available as current GCAs get accepted into programs. Please contact these clinics about their GCA position availability.

1. Mayo Clinic (Phoenix) - Contact

2. Phoenix Children's Hospital (Phoenix) - Contact

3. Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center (Gilbert) - Contact

Industry GCA Jobs

Genetic testing laboratories are often looking to hire GCAs. Please check LinkedIn or other job recruitment sites for postings regularly. Here are some potential companies to keep an eye on:

1. Prevention Genetics
2. GeneDX
3. Invitae
4. Natera

Genetic Counseling Internship Programs

Inside Arizona

1. ASU Students Research Project Participation

Contact: Dr. Katherine Hunt Brendish MS CGC PhD - Email

Outside Arizona 

1. Iowa Institute of Human Genetics Internship in Genetic Counseling

2. Mayo Clinic Minnesota GC Clinical Internship

3. Genetic Alliance Internships

Informational Webinars and Online Resources

1. National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) educational webinars and podcast series

2. Genetic Podcast Series DNA Today

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for opportunities to volunteer with individuals with genetic syndromes? Here are some great resources.

1. Camp Knot a Phe (Phoenix)

Support camp for kids with Phenylketonuria (PKU)

Contact: Peggy Kulch MS CGC - Email

2. Gigi's Playhouse (Phoenix)

Down syndrome achievement center

3. The Marfan Foundation

Email applications here

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