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Job Postings

These are the sites where the job postings for Arizona genetic counseling positions can be found.


This list is not necessarily inclusive of all positions available. Network with your fellow genetic counselors and search the NSGC job listings site to learn about all available positions.  

Please click on the individual job title to be redirected to the application. 

Arizona Positions 

Phoenix Children's Hospital
Genetic Counselor - Genomics Lab

Job Description

This position offers a unique opportunity for a Genetic Counselor to become involved in the implementation of laboratory genetic consultation service in the Clinical Genomics Laboratory.

DNA Strand_edited.jpg

Network with your colleagues

Reach out to your fellow genetic counselors to ask if there is a job opening expected in the near future at their institution. 

If you are interested in creating a new position, check out member resources for help getting started. 

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